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MongoDB aspirin

Basically this is a list in progress of common errors/tasks/gripes I get when using Mongo. I’ve noted down what usually works. Maybe you’ll find it useful ūüôā

Why has my remote mongodb connection been refused?

    • Delete the mongod.lock¬†¬†file¬†from your main mongodb storage folder and restart [SO]
    • If on redhat, check¬† sestatus
    • Modify /etc/sysconfig/iptables¬†¬† to have the correct firewall rules according to the mongodb docs.

How do can you iterate through all mongoDB collections in pymongo? 

I normally access collections as object attributes like:   conn.Database.Collection.find_one() but actually databases and connections can be accessed as keys in a dictionary as well:

Why is mongod terminating whenever I close the shell? Even when using &  at the end

When starting mongod, use mongod --fork (note: fork must be right after the word mongod) and it will start as a background process instead. Or just add fork = true  to your config.

I just created an authenticated database and can’t even use show dbs¬†!

Create a new user with all 4 of the following permissions: userAdminAnyDatabase, readWriteAnyDatabase, dbAdminAnyDatabase, clusterAdmin: